SEO Tips for Plastic Surgeons

SEO Tips for Plastic Surgeons

There are many online marketing techniques to increase traffic to your website and ultimately your practices.  With many more doctors realizing that online presence is a must for their practice, competition online has increased. Here are some SEO tips for plastic surgeons meant to increase your traffic and in the end your patient list.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile use of the internet has increased massively over the years, thanks to products such as tablets and smartphones. More and more people are searching the internet on their phones. Your website must be mobile friendly to attract these customers. If they are searching the internet on their phones and come across your site but it is not mobile friendly, you have just lost a customer. With the expectation of mobile phones and tablets having an even higher share of the internet usage, having a mobile friendly website is vital and you cannot afford to not have one.

Have A “Call To Action” Button On Every Page

This simple action can have massive changes to how people respond to your website. Many websites of small to medium sized businesses do not tell the viewer how to contact them or what to do next. Making it easy for your viewers to contact you is vital and you should give them plenty of opportunities to do so. Have your phone number and email address in plain site. Adding a contact form or something similar to your homepage will immediately increase your emails and you will be flooded with potential new clients.  Here is how to create a call to action.

Google Map Listing

Having a google maps listing is the most important thing you can do to attract customers besides having an actual website. If you do not have one, make one today! On your listing, you must include all the information of your business such as website URL, address, phone number and email address. Include opening and closing times. People can leave reviews on google map listings. If they come across yours and find positive reviews, they are going to have a positive first impression and will likely find out more about your business. Add in all your social media accounts, which brings me to the next point.

Social Media

Most people are addicted to FaceBook and Instagram. Even you might be. With social media now being part of everyday life, having a social media presence is a must. Make accounts for everything from FaceBook to Twitter. Make YouTube videos of your business and the services you offer. Add these accounts to your website, business card and everything else. You will see business boom.

Follow the above to increase online traffic and increase your profits. If you implement the above properly it will defiantly affect your business and you will see and immediate change. This SEO tips will improve your businesses online presence in a variety of ways and attract customers from everywhere.

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